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Installing Computer Memory

Computer Memory Sticks

Installing computer memory is a simple process; computer memory sticks are plug-in ready. Other computer memory types are virtual memory and RAM. What is the definition of RAM? How to test for virtual memory low and run a RAM memory test?

PC Memory comes in 'computer memory sticks'. You don't need any screws, wires or cables for the installation.

These same steps can be applied to a computer memory upgrade as well.

Memory Stick

One thing to keep in mind when installing your desktop computer memory is that it has a foolproof design. There is only one way that the memory module will fit into the memory slot. So, to install the memory modules...

Memory Slot Arrangement


1. Determine where to insert the memory. Memory slots are usually color coded. When you have 2 memory sticks, you will want to install both modules in the same color slots. If you do not have color coded slots, then look in your motherboard manual for the 2 slots that go together.

2. Spread the retaining clips on each side of the memory slot. The clips will move out until they hit their stops. You will not hear any clicks, they just will not move out any further.

3. Insert the module into the slot, ensuring that the memory is oriented correctly. In this picture, look for the red dot in the middle, it shows the notch on the memory stick lined up with the plastic divider in the memory slot. This is how you can tell your memory is lined up correctly.

Install Computer Memory

4. Press down evenly on the top of the memory module until you see the retaining clips snap into place. You may need a moderate amount of pressure to seat the memory module into place. You can apply a bit more pressure on one side of the module, then the other to help slide it into place.

5. If you have a second memory stick, remember to install it in the same color slot as the first stick. If you only have two slots, then go ahead and install the second memory stick. Repeat this process for any additional memory you have.

Install System Memory


Keep in mind that depending on the board you select, the slots may not be right next to each other, but will still be color coded, as this example shows.

Note: this picture is from a different motherboard. I am using this to illustrate the different types of slots that you may encounter. The motherboard that we are using in this demonstration has only 2 slots. In my case, I will simply use the slots that are available. Installing computer memory this way will enable Dual Channel mode for the memory, which will speed it up. If your motherboard is not color coded, refer to your motherboard manual for the slots that go together.

Motherboard Memory Slots


Note: Discussions on computer memory can be confusing. In addition to understanding, and installing computer memory, you need to understand a definition of RAM (random access memory) and what to do when you get messages such as virtual memory low or instructions to run a RAM memory test. Memory is a significant part of your computer system; read more about Computer Memory.

That's it, the memory is installed! On to motherboard installation...

Step Eight - Installing A Motherboard


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