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Are you learning how to build a computer? Use computer tools and a computer building guide to install a new hard drive, setup your wireless router and modem, and install parts into a quiet computer case. You'll also need the tools and the guide to troubleshoot other system issues.

Many system users are not comfortable with building their own computers or troubleshooting them when problems arise. However, if you learn to build your own system you can customize it to your specific needs and wants; usually without paying the fairly significant costs that stores will charge you. And if you learn how to do at least basic maintenance and troubleshooting on your computer you can save yourself a lot of money and downtime.

When you are building your own system, having the correct working tools, along with your computer building guide and computer terminology reference or index, will make things much easier!


Necessary Computer Tools:


Computer Tool Kit

There are two lists here, required and optional. As you can see, not much is required to build your own computer. However, you will find that things will go easier during the building (or troubleshooting) process if you have the other, optional, tools close by.

Required tools:

  • Phillips head screwdriver

I know it’s hard to believe; only one tool is actually required! However, the following list is important to have nearby.


Optional Tools:

  • Anti-Static wrist band: some of the computer parts you will be working with are sensitive to static electricity. Static discharges can mess up the delicate electronics in some of the components. If you don’t have a wrist band, you need to make sure you discharge yourself before handling the parts. You can do this simply by touching the metal frame of the computer case.

  • Tweezers: easier to grab a small screw if you drop one in the case.

  • Bowl for holding screws.

  • Hex Socket Screwdriver: some of the screws you use will have a hex head. This type of screwdriver makes things easier sometimes. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can still use a regular screwdriver.

  • "Claw" Grabber: another tool for grabbing screws from tight places.

  • Flashlight or a bright adjustable lamp that you can have over your work area; you do need very good lighting to see all the connections and smaller components.

  • A box handy to hold all the manuals and extra parts from all the components (after you've assembled your system, store the box in a dry space and make sure it is well labelled and easily accessed if needed in future).

  • A cup of coffee or other favorite drink; especially important if this is a longer job or one that you’re doing late at night.

  • Small towels: just in case you bump your coffee cup or other favorite drink! Or if you need to wipe the sweat off your brow!

Have your tools gathered? Let's move on to

Step Four - Prepare The Computer Case.


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