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Getting To Know Computer Motherboards


For the computer motherboard's preparation, I have an MSI 945GZM6, with the Intel 775 chipset. Here is the board we'll be using...

MSI Motherboard

You should take an inventory of what came with your motherboard to ensure that you have everything you will need.

If you need a quick refresher of what is on your motherboard, click here to view the basic computer motherboard's layout. Even though most motherboards are laid out in similar fashion, some may have connections that others don't. Know which connections you will be using. Take a moment and study the layout of your motherboard. Once you know what you are looking at, you will recognize it on any board. You can also refer to your motherboard manual as it will contain a lot of detailed information and motherboard specs.


Included With Your Motherboard

Next, let’s take a look at what was all included with your computer's motherboard. At a minimum, you should have gotten the following...

  • The Motherboard

  • Motherboard User Manual

  • Some will have a quick installation guide.

  • Motherboard Drivers CD

  • Back Panel Plate

  • IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) Cable – these are usually flat gray cables, however, you may get a colored round one.

  • Most still come with a Floppy Drive Cable – this is also usually a flat gray cable.

  • SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) Cables – These will usually be smaller flat cables, about ½ inch wide – you should get 2-4 of them.

  • SATA Brackets – you may or may not get these – these are connections for external hard drives.

  • USB (Universal Serial Bus) Bracket – you may or may not get these – these will be for additional USB connections.


There may be other miscellaneous cables included, but the ones listed above are the main cables we'll be using.

Here's where we stand.

  • The case is all laid out and ready to go.

  • You've taken inventory of the parts that were included with your motherboard.

  • You are familiar with the layout of your motherboard.

Let's continue with installing the CPU...

Step Six - Installing The CPU


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