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Installing A Motherboard


Our next step in the process is installing a motherboard. We will need the hex head screws and hex body screws that came with your motherboard for this step. Note: it's important to buy the right motherboard for your needs - the 'mobo' is the heart of your system so make sure you select for good quality (and a good warranty or return program).


1. First, find the hex screws, also called spacers, they will look like this. You should have around 10 spacers. Motherboard Spacers
2. Most cases will have multiple mounting holes for different types of motherboards. We need to find out which set you will be using. So first off, place the motherboard in the case, and line up the back panel of the motherboard with the rectangular space on the back of the case. Installing A Motherboard

3. Next, identify which holes on the motherboard line up with the holes in the case.

4. When installing a motherboard, the next step is to screw in 4 of the hex screws in the case, where the 4 corner holes of the motherboard line up.

Installing A Motherboard

5. Once those are in place, remove the motherboard, set it on the foam cushion again, and insert a hex screw for each hole in the motherboard. When finished, it will look similar to this.

Note: All the holes on the motherboard may not be used. You may have 1 or 2 in the middle that do not line up with any hole on the case. This is fine, and nothing to worry about.

Spacers Installed
6. Next, find the motherboard's back panel plate. This will fit into the rectangular case opening on the back, from the inside of the case. This should snap into place and be nice and tight. Installing Back Panel
7. The back panel is in place. Back Panel In Place
8. With the spacers in place, find your motherboard screws and place the motherboard back in the case, lining up the holes with the spacers you just put in, and lining up the back panel connections on the plate. Note that you may need to remove some of the metal pieces from the back plate if one is blocking a needed opening. Motherboard Screws


IMPORTANT: Some motherboards are a real tight fit against the back panel plate, and in order to get the screw holes lined up, you may need to brace the motherboard tightly against the back plate. This is not abnormal, just use gentle even pressure against the back plate, line up a hole and put a screw in. Do the same for a second hole and the motherboard will stay in place.

With the motherboard in place, find the rounded top cross-tip screws, and screw them through the motherboard's holes into each of the hex screws you inserted earlier. Be careful not to let the screwdriver slip out and scratch the motherboard

Get the screws in place and tighten them down. Don't over tighten the screws. Just get them snug in place.

Motherboard Installed

Congratulations, you just installed a motherboard! Now, on to the power supply and power connections...

Step Nine - Installing The Power Supply


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