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Welcome to the Build Your Own Computer Blog

How to Build a Computer?

The Build-Your-Own-Computer Blog is one of the ways you can stay up to date on new articles and on updated or edited articles on the site.

Find out tips and techniques for building your own computer: What is a motherboard? What is RAM? What are the best motherboard cpu bundles? How to build a computer that fits your specific needs?

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Oct 11, 2017

Install Drivers. For Example, NVIDIA Driver Download for Your Graphics Card

After setting up the computer, you need to install drivers. For example, Intel chipset drivers, keyboard driver, graphics card drivers (such as ATI or NVIDIA driver downloads) and install printer driver.

Continue reading "Install Drivers. For Example, NVIDIA Driver Download for Your Graphics Card"

Apr 11, 2016

Internal Hard Drive. Hard Disk Utilities.

Your internal hard drive is necessary for storing information. Understand hard disk partition recovery, how to back up hard drive, why you need hard disk utilities, and where to find defrag software.

Continue reading "Internal Hard Drive. Hard Disk Utilities."

Nov 15, 2014

Gigabyte GA-EX38T-DQ6. Is it One of The Best Motherboards?

The Gigabyte GA-EX38T-DQ6, is a high performance, stable motherboard with good setup for cable management and SATA connections. Use best motherboard reviews to identify motherboard for your system.

Continue reading "Gigabyte GA-EX38T-DQ6. Is it One of The Best Motherboards?"

Nov 15, 2014

Computer Problem Help Resources

Find resources for computer problem help or computer troubleshooting. You can run into trouble when learning how to build your own computer; get help.

Continue reading "Computer Problem Help Resources"

May 04, 2014

Computer Drives: Install New Hard Drive

Computer drives are key hardware components; install new hard drive with care. Do not purchase cheap external hard drives unless cheap includes quality. Use external hard drive data recovery protocols.

Continue reading "Computer Drives: Install New Hard Drive"

Jan 14, 2014

Build Your Own Computer: How to Build A Computer?

Want to build your own computer? Use this resource to find the best motherboard; what is RAM; CPU speed comparison; best computer parts; and a detailed guide on how to build a computer.

Continue reading "Build Your Own Computer: How to Build A Computer?"

Oct 08, 2013

Gaming Input Devices. What is an Input Device? Types of Input Devices.

Gaming input devices are critical (types of input devices are joystick, keyboard, etc.). What is an input device? A simple definition of input devices is hardware that provides data and controls signals.

Continue reading "Gaming Input Devices. What is an Input Device? Types of Input Devices."

Oct 08, 2013

Installing a Hard Drive. Hard Drive Not Recognized.

Installing a hard drive and setting up the hard disk format is the next step in this computer build. What to do if the hard drive not recognized? Do you have hard drive retrieval procedures?

Continue reading "Installing a Hard Drive. Hard Drive Not Recognized."

Aug 21, 2013

Free Internet Arcade Games: Play Games on the Internet

Some of the best free internet games are free internet arcade games; they provide a family-oriented internet game playing experience. Improve your keyboarding skills; play games on the internet.

Continue reading "Free Internet Arcade Games: Play Games on the Internet"

Apr 29, 2013

Troubleshoot Motherboard Issues

FAQs on how to troubleshoot motherboard issues.

Continue reading "Troubleshoot Motherboard Issues"

Apr 29, 2013

New build gives silent post code--"none"

New build, won't post. CPU fan turns, put known good power supply in, still nothing for POST code-silent. Made sure case speaker is hooked up.....AC 97

Continue reading "New build gives silent post code--"none""

Apr 29, 2013

Computer Components Recommendations

Site visitors ask for recommendations for computer components and parts; from graphics card, to cpu, motherboard, and more.

Continue reading "Computer Components Recommendations"

Apr 29, 2013

Computer Troubleshooting Questions

Review these computer troubleshooting questions, and answers, when building or fixing your system.

Continue reading "Computer Troubleshooting Questions"

Apr 15, 2013

CPU: The Central Processing Unit and CPU Architecture

Central processing unit (CPU) is the brains of your system; understand processor benchmarks. CPU architecture relates to two parts of processor. What is definition of motherboard; how does it relate to the processor?

Continue reading "CPU: The Central Processing Unit and CPU Architecture"

Apr 15, 2013

Computer Power Supply: Use Power Supply Reviews to Help Buy Your Power Unit

Choose the right computer power supply for your system; use power supply reviews to choose from many computer power supplies. Understand power supply schematics for installation and troubleshooting.

Continue reading "Computer Power Supply: Use Power Supply Reviews to Help Buy Your Power Unit"

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