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Online Computer Tech Support, Part 1 of 3

Replace Computer Hardware Components or Install a New System?

Online Computer Tech Support: an interview with Computer Tech, Mat Maybee, on systems support for your business and home office computers. Discussing why you need to buy the best virus protection; when replacing computer hardware components is a good idea; why a RAM test (understanding what is RAM is necessary to learning how your system works); networking and more.

Maintaining computers can be time intensive and you need to have some specific and technical knowledge.

If you need additional computer tech support, consider online or offline services.

We work with Mat Maybee, owner of a local technical support services business.

We've interviewed Mat on some of the more common computer troubleshooting issues he encounters in his work.

This is part one of a three-part interview.

Build Your Own Computer:

What are the top three most common problems you encounter when troubleshooting systems both from an offline and an online computer tech support perspective?

For example, power supply cabling, networking, wiring, motherboard failure, etc. How could people minimize/eliminate those problems?

Mat: Top 3 Issues that I run into:

  1. Spyware, Malware and Viruses. The main problem I run into on my client's sites is computer issues relating to virus, spyware or malware infections.

    The internet is a very volatile place; without good pc virus protection, and properly maintained protection, your system is at risk (and recovery is challenging). Once affected, it's just a matter of time before the computer is basically unusable.

    To minimize or eliminate these issues, businesses need to put an enforced internet surfing policy in place and monitor employees' surfing habits. The business also needs to be prepared to enforce sanctions when employees break the rules because the risk, and the cost, of infection is high.

    Buy the best virus protection you can afford: updated protection suites like AVG, Norton Internet Security or Symantec Antivirus are crucial to prevent infections occurring.

  2. computer ram

  3. Insufficient RAM. Most clients do not have a basic understanding of what is RAM and what the lack of RAM does to the performance of their system. The specifications for PCs and the programs developed for PCs have dramatically increased over the past 5 years and I find that a lot of performance issues come from a lack of ram.

    Ram allows for program instructions to be loaded into memory which provides for faster access and improved system performance. And with the cost of RAM being so cheap, itÂ’s a very easy fix to solve a lot of basic computer problems. Do a RAM test to see the load of the programs and applications on your system.

  4. Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H

  5. Old hardware. Since money is always a budget concern for business owners, most office PCs tend to be replaced only when they slow to a crawl or break down. As a machine gets older, and the demands on it get higher, the PC inevitably slows down.

    With the arrival of cheap and fast computer hardware components, it no longer makes sense to hang on to a slow machine; especially when the slowness causes decreased productivity and increased user frustration.

Offline and Online Computer Tech Support

Do you need computer troubleshooting support? Do you need to develop a computer backup and recovery protocol for your office? Do you need your own computer help desk just an email or phone call away; one that can access your systems remotely at anytime (you, of course, would need to provide access for Online Computer Tech Support)?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, then you need a one-stop service for your small business or home office IT needs. Critical Support Now provides complete network solutions (desktops, servers, routers, networking and security configurations), backup solutions, website installations, hardware and software upgrades and maintenance, and a personable onsite (or offsite) user support experience. Contact Mat Maybee at Critical Support Now for more information.

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