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Computer Support Tech, Part 3 of 3

Work with a Computer Repair Service You Trust

Computer support tech: find out what an expert in computer repair service has to say; part three of a three-part interview with Mat Maybee of Critical Support Now. Recommendations for computer components, CPU and why to build your own computer.

Build Your Own Computer:

What processors do you recommend and why? From your perspective of troubleshooting/supporting.

Mat's Recommendation Best CPU:

Processors: I'm a HUGE fan of all things Intel when it comes to processors since they are simply the best there is. They have price point offerings for the home user all the way to the big corporate server needs, and the support for them is the best.

I've never had an Intel CPU go bad; I've never been able to overwork them; and I've even overclocked a few of them just to see if I could melt them down and I just couldn’t do it. Again, I've worked with other processors, but Intel is the crème de la crème of the processor field.


Build Your Own Computer:

What's the average age or life-span of a mid-range (in terms of performance) system? What's the most common failure on systems that need to be replaced: too many programs, slow system, poor quality burner, etc.?

Computer Support Tech, Mat Maybee's Response:

Lifetime of a computer system: Most systems these days last anywhere from three to five years on average, and some of that is determined by the user's needs and the change in technology which forces some systems into obsolescence.

The standards of new computers these days are very high even on the lower priced options, so the general factor behind replacing systems is mainly user impatience when the system slows down a little bit.

This can almost always be offset by performing basic maintenance on a regular schedule.

Build Your Own Computer:

What do you believe to be the advantages and disadvantages of building your own system or having a system built for you (compared to buying fully set up proprietary systems)?

Mat's Response:

Custom PCs versus Mainstream systems: There are some factors which can determine which one of these is a good fit for the customer. I prefer custom built computers since I control the components and I know what's been done to the system when it was being built.

However, custom systems aren't sold in bulk, so that drives the price up quite substantially. Mainstream systems are built in mass production, so it drives the price down but they usually come loaded with too much software and useless bells and whistles, so they have to be tuned up right out of the box.


Build Your Own Computer:

Any other hot topic you can think of? That is, in terms of the work that you do: what's the most common issue?

Mat's Response:

The main issue I deal with is clients that have had bad support experiences with previous technicians or with the bigger support companies.

I make sure to develop a close relationship with every client I deal with and talk to them in layman's terms so they can understand what's being done and the reasons for it. This in turn creates a trust in my skills as a technical expert, and leads to callbacks and really good referrals.

Mathew Maybee, Computer Support Tech

A short biography: After building my first computer when I was 11 yrs old, I have been hooked into computers like an addiction. I've seen and used every version of Windows since Windows 3.11 and DOS, and I’m currently certified by Microsoft with my MCSE designation and have over 15 years of official field experience supporting small businesses.

I spent 10 years working as the on-call technician for about 15 different small businesses over the Greater Vancouver area, and now run my own company doing the exact same thing. I truly love working with small business clients since the needs are quite different and it makes it very easy to develop long lasting business and personal relationships.

We provide one stop service for all small business and home office IT needs. For more information on Critical Support Now, and to contact Mat Maybee: go to Part 1 of this interview, Online Computer Tech Support for the contact link to Critical Support Now.

Critical Support Now, Professional IT services delivered by a Friend; Your Computer Support Tech

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