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New build gives silent post code--"none"

by Dale

New build, won't post. CPU fan turns, put known good power supply in, still nothing for POST code-silent. Made sure case speaker is hooked up....."AC 97" audio front panel plug attached to has nothing for separate speaker connector nor does my previous decked out case. Removed all drives, HDD, memory, leaving only cpu,mob, and power supply hooled up [ and all pertinate plugs. With everything and memory removed, and nothing for beep codes, CPU must not be working to process beep codes...would you agree? Thanks.

More Questions and Comments:

No Display, No Boot but CPU fan is spinning.

I have checked RAM and CPU on another motherboard - they are displaying fine there. Can you please help me to solve this problem?

(Note from Build Your Own Computer: Sounds like you've isolated the problem - if the RAM and CPU operates find on the other motherboard then it's very likely an issue with the MoBo.)

Submitted by N.D.V, New Delhi

Restart Problem:

When I run my personal computer in safe mode it runs perfectly, but in normal mode it restarts again and again after opening the desktop. My RAM is only 3 days old and hard disk is 1 year old. Any advice?

Submitted by Sany, from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Startup Issues

Upon start up, the computer monitor shows Microsoft logo, then it has a black screen. When you shut down it shows microsoft screen, then shuts down. What's up with this? Is it a hardware or operating system issue?

Submitted by Chris, Indiana, USA

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