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Troubleshooting Computer Boot Up

by Sam

Troubleshooting Computer Boot Up (or failure to boot): I had a previously working system which was built with the following: P4 3.0-631 HT CPU with a Gigabyte 865 motherboard (mobo). Now the system won't boot into the Operating System (OS).

I went on to re-format the Hard Drive, then re-installed the OS. Everything seemed fine past the POST then it finished going through BIOS loading but stopped there and did not load the OS at all.

Got a brief "NO SIGNAL" on the display but that's it: no video. Is there a way to boot from another partition, since I did format the C partition? Could I now boot into the OS from another drive, like the drive E for instance?

I'd appreciate some advice troubleshooting this problem.

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Unable to Boot Problem

By Ram Prakash, Chennai, India

After cleaning my PC, when I tried to switch it on, it was not booting (no display in the monitor) but the smps and processor fans are running and my LED near the switch on button glows when I switch on and then it turns off. My system is a Compaq Presario sr1930 il pc with Intel dual core processor and 1gb RAM. Please help me.

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