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Troubleshoot a New Computer Build

by Charles

I need help to troubleshoot a new computer build. Here's my issue. I built a new computer from scratch for gaming and everything. First off I made sure everything is compatible with everything else and I don't overclock!

But my new computer running Vista 64bit won't pass a memory test with more than one card in it. I have 8 gigs for this thing and with more than 1 card the whole things locks up on the Stride6 test every time!

It appears to work fine until I start playing a game, where it randomly locks up completely and I have to shut it down. It seems as long as I’m not gaming it works fine. Until the Ethernet quit recognizing anything plugged into it! But... I've sent back the memory and got it replaced and have the same problem, so I bought more, Corsair... same problems.

So I sent the motherboard in for RMA and they replaced the CPU socket and when I got it back 6 weeks later it had the same memory problems and lock ups in games but the Ethernet was working and it could see the cord... until today when it just quit seeing the cord while I was online and nothing makes it see anything plugged into the Ethernet.

I have updated all drivers and tried every version of drivers I can find for everything on the computer and still same problems. I have done the same with the bios, same problems. I can’t even think of anything else to try! I spent $1,000 on parts alone for this thing and don't know what to do now. Help!

Response from Terrence: Check System Compatibility First

Hi there,

Some PC games have their own minimum and maximum requirements so that they won't mess up with your graphics card. It also requires a higher resolution sometimes and a GPU acceleration in order to run smoothly and efficiently. It also adds up your RAM capacity; ranging from 2 Gigabytes of RAM to 8 Gigs of RAM depending on the game requirements.

Once you provide the game requirements then your game runs smoothly and you enjoy the game without overheating the CPU and it will never shut down the PC.

Apparently the PC will shut down if the hardware or the software you are trying to install is not compatible with your system. Manufacturers produce PCs to automatically shut down to save the good configuration of your motherboard.

Licensed Computer Technician
Sept 29, 2011

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