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New Hard Drive Installed - Troubleshooting

by Barbara

Need help troubleshooting - new hard drive installed and computer shuts down:

Just had to have a new hard drive installed - now my computer shuts down all by itself!!! Not sure why! Would my internet have anything to do with this. I have a 2wire from AT&T but the ethernet keeps blicking - not sure if the problem is with this that may cause my computer to shut down? The computer shuts down only when I have not been on it! thanks Barbara

Response from Build Your Own Computer:
This could be a number of issues from the most simple to more complicated:

  • Most simple - it could simply be your system is saving power/energy when you're off the computer for a while - it goes to 'sleep' (rather disconcerting at first but you get used to it). If this is the problem, often clicking the mouse and waiting for a moment 'wakes' it up.

  • Could be that you need to clean the CPU fan and heat sink - you need to blow out the dust - I'd recommend having a service tech do this for you if you don't work with computers

  • It may be a problem with the power supply unit (PSU) - it may need to be replaced and/or it may be running at low or minimal voltage and need an upgrade

  • It may be a problem with connections - sometimes when you install a new hard drive you might loosen connections

Depending on where you're located, finding a service to come to your home and do a quick maintenance review can be economical and fast (and easier than driving to the nearest service store). Do an online search for computer support service or computer support tech or technician - ask for a quote before you confirm that you want them to come out.

Barbara, there still may be other responses to this post so if you can stand to do it - wait a day or so before doing more. Computer troubleshooting is not always an exact science - because you don't necessarily know what's wrong and can't describe it and we need to make some assumptions about what you're saying. Hope this helps. Do post a comment on here if you manage to resolve (or not - then we can try to dig deeper).

Kris from Build Your Own Computer
Troubleshooting Computer Problems

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