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Motherboard Troubleshooting: D845epi/D845gvsr motherboard
(P4 2.4 Processor)

by manisholivergt
(New Delhi)

Motherboard troubleshooting: My board is D845epi/D845gvsr motherboard (P4 2.4 Processor)
OS : WinXP SP2 - I'm having issues with it and with operating my computer.

Is your computer getting power (do the fans start up)? Or do you hit the switch and nothing happens? Others seem to face the same problem with this board.

Power comes on and CPU fans are running very slowly but display is not turning on/displaying; and keyboard and mouse not working! Direct power coming on without switch.

What's wrong with this board? Any advice?

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Motherboard LED on, but SMPS & CPU fan not working
By Manohar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Intel Motherboard LED is on, but SMPS & CPU fan not working. Checked SMPS by power on shorting green & black wires, then SMPS works. But when connected to motherboard, only MB LED is on; the CPU and SMPS fan not working. Need advice please.

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