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Conclusion - Which Service and Modem Is For You?

Buy Computer Components That Work For Your Specific Needs

For the best modem connection, you need reliable high speed internet providers as well as the best computer hardware components; buy computer components that perform, e.g. wireless cable modem router. DSL, cable and fiber optic modems are the available choices.

Types of Modems:

  • DSL: stands for Digital Subscriber Line. It connects the computer (or router) to a phone circuit.
  • Cable: broadband Internet is delivered through high bandwidth cable television networks.
  • Fiber Optic: is found most recently in new building developments where the entire office or residential building is wired with fiber optics during the building phase (called fiber-to-the-premises and fiber-to-the-curb schemes). While initially expensive it is believed to be cost competitive in large housing and/or office developments, and has benefits over the copper wire technology of traditional phone and cable companies.

Make the Right Decision: Choose the Best
Computer Hardware Components and Best Internet Service Providers

When deciding on the correct service and modem for you, take the following items into account.

Speed - The clear choice here is fiber optic. None of the other services can even come close to the 30 Mbps throughput of fiber optic. Coming in second is cable, with a top end of around 10 Mbps at an average home installation.

Availability - This is going to vary a lot depending on where you live. However, in most urban locations, this is going to be a tie between cable and DSL. Fiber optic is slowly becoming more widely available, but it will be a number of years before it can match the other two.

Cost - DSL easily comes in at the lowest cost. With plans that start at $13.95 in some areas, the other two just don't come close to it. Cable comes in second at around $29 on the low end, with fiber optic starting at $49. All costs are per month. Note: a wireless cable modem router provides an all-in-one solution if you are thinking of cable. Routers are necessary in your

Selecting the best service will probably be a combination of the above factors. Do you want speed? Is cost an issue? What are you planning to do with the service? And what's most readily available in your area (many remote locations and/or small towns have limited choice).

If you tend to move a lot of data, such as downloading movies or internet gaming, you may want to look at cable or fiber optic because nothing is more frustrating than sitting around and waiting for a file to open, or losing a connection because it times out, etc. However, if you do the occasional web browsing, with email and the occasional download, the low-cost DSL will probably be the best fit for you.

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