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Dec 11, 2011
Installing a Video Card
by: Steve

If you are replacing an old card make sure that you uninstall current graphic drivers. On the Start menu, select the My Computer icon and select Properties. Then under the Hardware tab, select Device Manager. The existing card will be listed on the Display Adapter: scroll through to find the name of the graphics card and double-click on it to open up the properties for the card. Then under the Driver tab, click on the Uninstall button.

Then shut down your computer and unplug it. Note: you need to be careful that you don't shock yourself and damage the computer so either wear an antistatic wrist band or ground yourself).

Open up the case and locate the AGP slot (usually just above the PCI slots). Unscrew the back plate before you take the card out. Then, take the card out.

Okay - that's the first step.

Now to install a new card ... your card is usually in a protective wrap - take it off and slide the card into the motherboard's AGP slot position. Make sure the card is well-seated in the motherboard or you'll have trouble starting up your computer. Once in place, screw the back plate on and close the case.

The last step is to plug the computer back in and start it up. Windows will automatically recognize the new card and walk you through the steps to install the drivers. If you do not get any prompts (for example, you may be on a different Operating System)then go to the Start menu again and select Control Panel. In the Control Panel, choose Add Hardware and follow the 'wizard' steps.

Then do a shut down/restart and check it out!

Note: if there is trouble with how to install a video card, check the card's manufacturer (the website) - sometimes there are new releases or updates to the drivers that need to be updated after purchase.

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