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For Example, Free Anti Virus Software

You can upload free computer software programs on to your system; including free word processing software, free spreadsheet software, open office software, free anti virus software and more. Below is a short list of some of the better known software programs.

There are a lot of free computer software applications out there.

Some of these are larger downloads, but they are all free (however check these out carefully before installing - some programs take up a lot of system resources or require that you download a link or ad from the company so while these programs may not cost money they do have an intangible cost).

The variety of programs and applications is exceptionally large (and growing): from free word processing software and spreadsheets, to email programs and desktop managers, to free anti virus software, and much more.

The list below is just a sampling of what's available:

Note: If you have some recommendations for free software that you've tried and loved, please send me a recommendation through the contact form on this site. I'll check it out and add it to this growing, and changing, list. Thanks!

OpenOffice -
Open Office software is one of the most popular free computer software applications on the Web. It includes word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, database applications and more.
Google Docs -
Google Docs is a free online service that allows you to create Microsoft Word style documents and store them online. The service also allows you to upload documents for storage.
Thunderbird -
Thunderbird is an email application that is a great alternative to Outlook. It integrates well with Firefox web browser, and has hundreds of add-ons that can be downloaded for it at no cost.
Firefox -
Firefox is a free web browser that is open-source, meaning that anyone can make plug-ins and add-on for it. It is quite a bit more secure than Internet Explorer, and has all the functionality of IE and more.
Google Desktop -
Google Desktop is a great free application that you install locally on your computer. It adds a search bar to your desktop that allows you to search your computer. It will not only search for programs, but will include images, email, and pretty much anything you have on your computer. You can also have a sidebar like Vista and install gadgets and widgets like weather information, RSS feeds, mini games etc.
DVD Shrink -
DVD Shrink is one of the top free computer software utilities for backing up your DVD collection. DVD Shrink will take a full length movie, allow you to make changes to menus and such, and compress it for backup onto a single layer DVD. I use it all the time and it works great.
Media Player - Media Player Classic (very long link)
This is a very lightweight video playback application. It plays almost any video format, and does not require installation.
PDF Online -
PDF Online is technically not an application as it is online only. However, it's so useful that I figured I should mention it here. Have a document that you need converted to PDF format? It's simple. Upload your document, leave your email address, and they will email your document when it has been converted. Easy as that.
Gadwin Printscreen -
Gadwin is a great free computer software program that allows you to take screen captures. Simply hit the printscreen key, and you can draw a box around what you want an image of.
IsoBuster -
IsoBuster is a great program that allows you to access individual files from CD, DVD, and even Blu-ray disc images without having to burn them. It may even allow you to recover data from damaged physical discs.
Audiograbber -
Audiograbber is CD ripper that will copy audio directly from a CD. The interface is not that flashy, but it does a great job, and has many features.
Paint.NET -
If you have a need to work with digital imaging, but don't want to shell out for Photoshop, then this is your answer. Paint.NET is maintained and updated regularly, and there is a large library of add-ons.
LogMeIn Free -
If you have a need to access your home computer while at work, or away, this is a great free computer software application. Simply download and install, and you can access your computer from their website. The only restriction is that you cannot transfer files, but you will be able to control everything else on your computer.
SmartFTP -
SmartFTP is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application that allows you to transfer files between your computer and and a file server on the Internet. It will allow you to upload and download images, software, and music - pretty much any computer file you can think of, and share them with friends.

Check out all free software before you install: go to forums and reviews sites to see what users say. For example, reading free anti virus software reviews will help you select the best anti virus program for your needs and your system (and will help you avoid some of the free software out there that just doesn't work as it's supposed to.

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Computer Software

computer software questions

Software for your system is more than the standard office type of product (such as a word processor, a spreadsheet program and more).

You also need to consider the software that operates your system and that helps it to operate efficiently (and to troubleshoot it when it doesn't run).

Make sure that you develop a working knowledge of what's available in these areas: operating systems to run your computer; monitoring software to protect your computer; utilities for managing and reporting on the functioning of components, such as the CPU and HD; benchmarking which will compare speed, BIOS and hardware details to other systems; and applications (such as a word processor) to run on your computer.

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Computer Troubleshooting

Need help diagnosing computer problems or challenges? Check out our troubleshooting page for common computer building issues.



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