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Computer Troubleshooting Tips

by Clarence

I need some computer troubleshooting tips or help finding some solid Online Computer Tech Support:

I have an Emachine that is about 14 months old. The problem is that the power button does not light up but the fan runs at a high speed. I've tried computer troubleshooting this issue: I did check the cpu and memory sticks and they are good. Not sure what's going on? Oh, the monitor does not come on either. Any ideas?

P.S. I bought most of the computer parts online but getting online tech support after purchase (and after one year) is almost non-existent.

Response from Kris at Build Your Own Computer

Computer Troubleshooting Tips and Help

Hi Clarence,

It sounds like your emachine's motherboard is the main problem. If the fan is still spinning, you could be lucky and be able to stay with the existing power supply, case and the rest of your hardware. Getting a hold of a new (pcchips goal 3+) motherboard (mobo), for instance, might be the way to get this PC on the road again.

Just don't expect this to be the only headache with this (junk-e) machine. Check out online forum posts - unfortunately lots of negative comments!

See if you can borrow an AMD/Sempron socket 754 board from the local computer club or store to check out the rest of your hardware. On second thought, you might just want to start with a new build, as you might be just throwing good money after bad. Sorry for the bad news but sometimes it's just better to learn from the experience than to keep putting out money.

Good luck! Kris

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