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Computer Troubleshooting: RAM Not Seated Properly?

by Ian

I need some help with computer troubleshooting. Is my RAM not seated properly? I just finished putting together my first computer (yay!) but I haven't been able to get it to boot properly. I haven't tried disconnecting everything yet to try the isolate the problem because I think it might have something to do with the RAM.

The computer DOES start up, fans spin for the cpu and the case/gpu, the gpu lights come on so it's not a problem with the power. I think it has something to do with the RAM not being seated properly or maybe something with the video card or motherboard.

Unfortunately, the cheap case I bought didn't come with a speaker so there aren't any beeps to signal what might be wrong which isn't helping at all. Everything went smooth during the installation of the hardware except the RAM.

Everything I've checked before buying showed that the RAM should be compatible but it doesn't seem to fit into the dimm slots correctly. I've never actually done it before but from what I've read, it should snap into place with a little bit of force. Unfortunately it seems that the RAM is too tall for the
dimm slots and doesn't snap into place which makes me worried.

Before I do anything else I'd like to make sure I actually have RAM that is compatible AND fits and then troubleshoot from there. There's a Qualified Vendor List table in the manual that shows which memory has been tested with the MOBO and the RAM I have isn't listed so it might be a problem.

Any tips, advice, help, etc is more than welcome regarding my problems or troubleshooting in general. It's frustrating being so close yet so far. Thanks in advance.

Here are the Mobo and the RAM:



Any advice? Thanks.

Response from Kris at Build Your Own Computer:

Hi Ian, I remember the first time I installed RAM sticks in a new MOBO, the experience was a bit different than I thought it would be. I thought that it would be a snap to "snap" them in but sometimes this is not so, it's worth it to pay more attention the first time one installs RAM ...

From what you described, it sounds like your RAM may not have seated all the way down in the slots of the MOBO - re-seating the RAM will require a bit more force than you would think for such a small part. Re-install memory stick/s, using the following tips below:

First touch the metal case to bleed off any static charges from it.

On MOBO, open-up the retaining clips on each side of the RAM sockets/s outward: they should be in their OPEN position - 11 o’clock (left side), 1 o’clock (right side). Also, make sure your RAM will go into slots 3 & 4 according to your manual (slots furthest away from CPU).

Pick-up module, locate and line-up the notch from the module (gold pin-side) with the key inside the memory socket. Make sure that the ejector clips are in the open position. then continue pressing the memory down into the slot. Press down fairly hard, as you press down, the module will sink into place and the ejector clips will close themselves back and lock the module into place. Check that the clips are back pointing straight up and flat, hugging the RAM module firmly down in the socket, check this by squeezing (the clips together) both ends at the same time with your fingers toward the center. Now the retaining clips on either side of modules should be all the way up. Do this for each stick.

See if this solves the problem, just remember you can always take a break from the build and come back to it if you feel frustrated. Also consider calling Newegg and/or e-mailing GSKILL and confirm compatibility with ECS IC780M-A2 MOBO & CPU (but most likely they are compatible). Next step if need be, get another board sent from Newegg & return the DOA motherboard. Just a little more work and you're there. Best wishes and good luck with your build (believe me, it does get easier over time).

P.S. If others have had similar problems and resolutions, please share them here!


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