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Computer Problem Help: Interested in adding your experiences and/or feedback to this site? Use the Contact Us form to submit your input or go to the computer troubleshooting page on this site to provide input or solutions to posted computer problems.

This website was created in 2008 and has been used as a legacy site by many of you from around the world who are interested in learning how to build computers, how to fix and troubleshoot their own desktop computers, and what the best computer parts and solutions are for your needs.

Computer technology is evolving at a rapid rate; it is difficult to keep pace with the evolution. Our focus on this site is in helping those of you who still want a hands-on computer building experience and who need some support in learning how to work with and fix your desktop computer.

We are unlikely to have all the answers to your questions; that's why we value the feedback and input from other computer builders around the world. Please note we do monitor and manage all submissions for relevance and publish responses that are useful to site visitors.

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The Builders Corner will help to keep you informed of new computer technologies.


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