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May 11, 2010
Computer Booting Problem
by: Anonymous

Computer booting problem: I have assembled a desktop powered with Atom processor with OS Windows XP. It is about 1 year old. For many days it shuts down in between operation. After restarting, it starts up. After that, I shut it down, it would not start again. Initially when I start it up, it powers up from CPU then it comes on but monitor does not show anything. Then after some days it shows a message "your CMOS battery failure", then I changed CMOS battery but problem persists. When it starts up, it shows "start in safe mode or start with network command etc.". When I choose start in safe mode it shuts down again. I have done default BIOS setting from BIOS setting option after changing battery. I inserted bootable CD; it runs but shuts down in initial stage. A new problem arises when I powered up from CPU; it comes automatically on. No beep sound is coming. I have checked out RAM - it's okay. CPU fan is also running. Please help.

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